Computers are ubiquitous sources of entertainment, information, and education, as well as tools for communication and collaboration in our homes, schools, and workplaces.  How do we decide what products we will purchase, invest our time in, or focus our attention on?  Such decision-making is not solely driven by the functionality of the technology, but how it enhances the quality of users’ experience. What technologies engage users enough to make them meaningful, sustained parts of people’s lives?

The purpose of my research is to explores user engagement with technology: How do we determine whether or not a user is engaged?  What attributes of individuals, systems, and contexts facilitate or detract from engagement?  My research seeks to build a sound theoretical foundation for understanding user engagement with information media and to contribute to the measurement of user experiences by developing and evaluating methodological tools and techniques.



The User Engagement Scale: This 31-item multivariate questionnaire measures users’ perceptions of their interactive experiences with technologies.  Available in cIRcle, UBC’s online repository:


A practical approach to measuring user engagement with the refined user engagement scale (UES) and new UES short form